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Tasting Menu

“Gilda” with caviar D.
Txangurro Croquettes ABCF.
Oyster, orange béarnaise and basil BCE.
Spanish Potato and miso omelette BCH.
Charcoal rice, cuttlefish, prawns and pods DF.
Santurce-style pintxo hake D.
«Pré-salé» lamb, labneh and pepper gel C.
Basque artisan cheeses C.
Tatín «my way» AC.
Petit fours ACB.
Full table menu. 80 € ppl.
Wine pairing 40 € ppl.
Hours: from 13.30 a 15.15 and from 21.00 a 22.30.
A (Gluten) B (Egg) C (Dairy)
D (Fish) E (Molluscs) F (Crustaceans)

G (Peanuts) H (Soy) I (Nuts)

J (Sesame) K (Celery) L (Mustard)