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Our Classics


Anchovy toast with escalibada and all-i-olí (ADC). 3,50 € (Unidad)

Squid and prawn carpaccio with orange and foie vinaigrette (F). 18,50 €

Spider crab and avocado cocktail with passion «Mayo» (F). 16,00 €

To share!

Txangurro Croquettes (ABCF). 9,50 €

Cod fritters (ABCD). 9,50 €

Chicken «pastela» pie (AI). 9,50 €

5-meat cannelloni with mushroom bechamel and juice (ACK). 14,50 €

Artisan Txistorra from Beasain with peppers. 11,00 €

Eggs two textures, sea urchin cream and herring caviar (BCDE). 15,00 €

From sea

Santurce-style pintxo hake and pan-fried potatoes (D). 21,00 €

Neck of hake (D). (Consultar)

Selection of fish from the Gulf of Cadiz (D) 5,80 €/100 gr.

The grill

Certified beef steak (Valle del Esla, León). 9,50 €/100gr.

Galician beef steak. 5,30 €/100gr.

Blonde Minhota cow steak  (Galicia). 8,50 €/100gr.

Pastuenca beef steak (Valle del Esla, León). 5,30 €/100gr.

Gold Steak (Extremadura). 7,50 €/100gr.

Senior beef tenderloin. 9,00 €/100gr.

Beef tenderloin. 9,50 €/100 gr.

The roast

Quartered suckling pig from Segovia. 4,90 €/100 gr.

Shoulder of suckling lamb. 30 €

Lamb leg. 22 €

Ask for our suggestions and dishes of the day.

A (Gluten) B (Egg) C (Dairy) D (Fish) E (Molluscs) F (Crustaceans) G (Peanuts) H (Soy) I (Nuts) J (Sesame) K (Celery) L (Mustard)

VAT included – Service, bread and snacks €1.80